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Lecture 9: Constraint Resolution

In this lecture we study constraint resolution, constraint semantics, and unification.


Compiler Construction | Lecture 9 | Constraint Resolution from Eelco Visser

Reading Material

  • Hendrik van Antwerpen, Pierre Néron, Andrew P. Tolmach, Eelco Visser, Guido Wachsmuth. A constraint language for static semantic analysis based on scope graphs. In Martin Erwig, Tiark Rompf, editors, Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation, PEPM 2016, St. Petersburg, FL, USA, January 20 - 22, 2016. pages 49-60, ACM, 2016. This paper develops a constraint language for description of type system using scope graph constraints for the definition of name binding. These constraints are the basis for the NaBL2 language.

  • Baader, Franz, Wayne Snyder, Paliath Narendran, Manfred Schmidt-Schauss, and Klaus Schulz. “Chapter 8 - Unification Theory.” In Handbook of Automated Reasoning, edited by Alan Robinson and Andrei Voronkov, 445–533. Handbook of Automated Reasoning. Amsterdam: North-Holland, 2001.